Thursday, September 23, 2021


Candace Dantes


BFN founder appointed to first-ever Rural Studies Institute post

Georgia College & State University has named Dr. Veronica L. Womack as the first executive director of its brand-new Rural Studies Institute (RSI). "The...

The rural politician championing an agriculture, academic-driven agenda

It’s a strain to picture the 25- to 30-year-old pecan grove’s potential at first glance. Heavily twisted vines, random roadside debris and scattered leaves...

How Kaneisha Miller rebuilt the middle of nowhere into an agritourism destination

Major east-west route U.S. Hwy 80 once served as an early auto trail across the Southern part of the nation. Formerly known as the...

Former Army Ranger’s local mission supports healing, self-discovery through therapeutic farming

The daybreak air is breezy. The chickens are already clucking. Georgia farmer Jon Jackson smiles and waves as vehicles slowly enter through the gravel...

Gardener Ruth West’s tips to convert your backyard into an agribusiness

She cares for her mints over here. Spices over there. Fruit trees — guava, peach, pear, banana, apple and persimmons — back over yonder....

Farmer Sedrick Rowe pioneers certified organic peanuts in South Georgia

They’re high in protein. Low in carbs. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Peanuts are the perfect seed-of-a-pill for maintaining satisfactory health. “Certified organic...

Grad students’ goat research seeks healthier solutions for farmers

What’s the most nutritious, low-cost feed farmers should use on today’s goat farms? Graduate student Victoria Fitchett, 27, has spent summer 2019 working on the...

National ag program unites Black farmers of African Diaspora

On-the-field, co-op training connects Southern, island farmhands

All-female farming family unearths 1920s textile goldmine

The Peach State's only museum owned, operated by three generations of African-American farming women

Farmer A. Greenlee’s amazingly easy steps to planning your first agribusiness

Simple strategies to launch a lucrative farming enterprise

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