These valued organizations strives to preserve agriculture. Each affords an abundance of information and services for beginner to veteran farmers:

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund has spent just over 50 years of empowering minority landowners and farming families. As one of the oldest African-American co-ops in Georgia, the collective established in 1967 and has dedicated decades to saving black-owned land and creating sustainable farming communities within the Black Belt Region. The federation aids black farming families with challenges such as marketing strategies, farm management, debt solutions and the best crops to cultivate.


National Black Farmers Association 

This nonprofit organization represents African-American farming families on a national scale. Founded in 1995, the National Black Farmers Association focuses on education and advocacy for black agricultural communities. It helps black farmers gain access to public/private loans; assists in continuing education and training; discusses civil rights; and addresses strategies for effective rural economic development.


National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 

An alliance of grassroots organizations, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition developed more than 30 years ago to advocate federal policy reform. It also works to sustain food systems, rural communities, natural resources and agriculture as a whole. Supporting small- to mid-size family farms, the coalition provides representation for agricultural communities while protecting the creation of nutritious, affordable food and building new markets and businesses through farming.



The 1,638-acre property near Albany, Georgia, was once plantation land. Today, Resora is an agricultural retreat, conference center and working farm. Despite its Old South roots, this innovative site takes a contemporary approach to crop production, hands-on learning and rural research to prepare the next generation of successful agribusiness men and women. Through experimentation and instruction, Resora equips the state’s rural communities with the knowledge to conserve and create profitable careers in farming.


Southwest Georgia Project

This nonprofit merges farms, foods and human rights to help build more sustainable communities. Civil Rights leaders Charles and Shirley Sherrod founded South Georgia Project to educate, engage and empower groups to take ownership of their local lands and resources to become economically independent. The project’s programs are designed to elevate Southwest Georgia’s rural communities with an emphasis on social justice and basic rights all people deserve.


West Georgia Farmer’s Cooperative

The West Georgia Farmer’s Cooperative is a grassroots agricultural collective designed to build the best infrastructure to support local business and the production of affordable, organic food. As one of the oldest African-American farming co-ops in the state, West Georgia has provided training, funding and marketing resources to its members and local citizens to rebuild small farms into impactful community change agents for generations.