Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How this 150-year-old Gullah Geechee farm on Georgia’s coast is driven by ancestral culture

By: Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Ingabire Gilliard Farms in Brunswick, Georgia is pulsing with life. A coop filled with chickens soon to be sold through a CSA. Pastel eggs soon to be sold, too. Five spotted kunekune pigs. A teaching area where they experiment with crops. Mint, milk thistle, turmeric, aloe, lavender, lemon balm, lemon grass,...

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More young farmers needed

2017 USDA Census of Agriculture

The average age of Black farmers is 60. Older than
U.S. producers over all.

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Why Black farming cooperatives have to rethink business in the Digital Era

Enslaved African-American people assigned them as “hush harbors.” Informal meeting spaces. Swamps, ravines, gullies and woodlands to congregate and worship secretly in the South....

Former Air Force analyst rallies family to redevelop farmland organically

Steady…steady…BANG! A clear shot takes the 2-foot-long cottonmouth snake out as it slithers into murky pond water. The graceful sharpshooter tucks her 9mm handgun...

Coastal Georgia grower organizes to close grocery gaps in Savannah neighborhoods

J.B. Brantley strapped the cotton down by wagon. Hauled his cash money crop by mule. One hundred bales of it — the difference between...



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