Sunday, April 18, 2021

Black Belt landowners: Clear heirs property titles to profit from COVID relief bill, rural attorney advises

SOLD! Forty acres of the Louisiana parcel — gone. Just 10 left to will down the generational line. A family meeting in the ’90s sealed the property’s fate. Grandma, aunts and elder cousins decided to cleanse their hands of their portion to the East Carroll Parish estate. Get rid of the hassle of paying...

15 COVID resources Black farmers should know about and act on

BFN wants to keep you in the know about resources that can help you and your farm during COVID-19. As relevant information becomes available,...

Volunteer State farmer flips lawn into sustainable poultry operation

Buy processed chicken strips for $20 a bag or go home empty-handed. Those were Vincent Padgett Sr.’s grocery meat options during the global pandemic....

Female farmer produces hemp history in South Georgia

She pushes. He pulls. They both use their bodyweight to heave the makeshift hemp seed dispenser across lumpier soil. Sweat scampers down their melanin-filled...

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More young farmers needed:

2017 USDA Census of Agriculture

The average age of Black farmers is 60. Older than U.S. producers over all.

BFN members get featured in...



Tech farmer uses micro-livestock to restart family traditions on centennial land

Four goats and a donkey bush hog family history back into view. Undergrowth blanket where 19th- and 20th-century kin folk of the Hicks household...

7 scarring facts, figures about America’s Black Belt Region people

It’s a documented tract of high-yielding land. And if you were white, an opportunity for agricultural growth — continuous wealth. America’s Black Belt Region...

How BFN positioned this farmer to capture major brands, national audiences

Georgia farmer Sedrick Rowe grows crops as if they’re an outdoor art. His green thumb is simply genius. And he’s one of only a...

First-year livestock farmer forecasts promise in cattle, COVID

They spring from the family's Polaris 4-wheeler already knowing the day's duties. Mariah refills the water troughs. Makinzi replenishes the gatefeeders. The 11- and...

Manning one of Georgia’s ‘essential’ green jobs during COVID-19

He’s a nature and numbers kind of guy. Edward Morrow’s rural lifestyle has been about making critical calculations on behalf of the land: amount...



By 2030, almost a quarter of jobs in the Black rural South could become displaced by automation.
— Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

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